“If Secrecy was a place, it would be Sex”

There was a connection, a type of chemistry so real and sincere, just like two happy lovers waiting to see each other. As time unfolds and the clock ticks, a knock at the door becomes their sudden beauty. She gazed at him with a smile so wide and genuine, his beauty; astonishing. The hug, the smell of his cologne, she senses, they finally touch, grabbing his neck closer to her lips.
They intertwined without a glimpse of doubt. Walking up the stairs, she took the podium to her bedroom. He was all dressed in black, taking off his clothes while she awaits her turn. He was laying in the bed, beautiful black skin enough to swallow you up and make you scream before he galvanizes his way through her palms with her back on his chest, her ass on his penis. They touched like time never existed, caressed like they have known each other for a lifetime. Slowly, she tried to drift away but not strong enough to resist the beauty of his soul, smiles, and gestures.
She knew then; he would open her legs and dive into each other’s dignity. So, he took it nice and slow on the tip of her vagina. As she closes her eyes, she senses his humor, smells his cologne on his dark chocolate skin, and couldn’t resist but push in onto the penis. She felt every stroke, every breath, every kiss, touch, and aura. She loves herself enough to trust him to take her to the place where they both belonged. The night became a day in her eyes, and his darkness became her light.
The things he said, “I want you to be my woman.” The things she said, “I would love to.” Not to say she was sure of what she wanted or needed. Perhaps she had a past, a trauma she needed to heal—the fear of disappointments, love, and finding the man to love her for her bullshit. She slowly drifted into his arms and fell into his body. The night suddenly eluded their secrecy. Was it lust or a moment of true beauty because in her eyes, heart, and soul, that’s all she knew and felt.
She carried on with that belief, to relax, not rushing anything other than the captivating moment of their glimpse. With laughter, food for thought, they joked earnestly with solicitous smiles. The lovemaking, double stroking, choking, screaming, and dancing. The night was all they had; time became an illusion. Till dawn awakes morning, they slept in each other’s arm like a pirate on a roulette wheel.
Morning comes, the beauty of two souls, morning breaths, and heavy eyelids; not enough rest to assure the day. They smile, holding each other until the wind blows through the thoughts of their eloquent minds. Once again, babe, babe, she manifests the essence of good, wealth, love, kindness, and bringing forth gestures enough to tame the lion of her. He goes inside from behind, her back arched and her head tilted away from his chest, big round butt sufficient to push his penis in without trying too hard. Moaning, caressing his nipples while intimating her with a doggy style, “spread your legs wide open,” he said. “I want to put two kids in you, whenever you ready. I love you, babe”, with sincerity so true and genuinely executed from somewhere other than the dick in the pussy.
Raw like the honey from a bee’s nest, they felt every wetness, sliding like an old cucumber found in the back of her refrigerator. It wasn’t all but the sex, the humor, happiness, and laughter. They await a journey that would be their comeback story or possibly a day to remember for a lifetime.

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