” Your Life’s Catalyst”

You have failed and failed, but what’s worth a smile? Just smile. Sometimes when you feel like you’re not achieving, think of what you’ve done in the past; your capabilities. I have been unable in lots of ways, feeling drowned, feeling lost like paper on the ocean. I say to myself, “someone’s imminent death is not dead if they are still alive.” I’ve been close to the moments of death, but my faith in God kept me going, and that faith still lives. I am subject to a fault. We’ve all made mistakes, but what is human without an error? It’s like a bird with wings, not capable of flying. Your word, your bond, and your narrative is needed in this world.
Everyone has a purpose in life and it’s up to us to live the moments we can always cherish. I used to be hurt and disparaged, having feelings of forgiveness and who to love. The things to let go to create a better environment for new beginnings. I am continually reminding myself that; it is hard work to let go of that distress, mostly when you are clouded in the midst.
Then you remember where you came from, who you are, suddenly the clouds turn bright before our eyes. The dreams were never shattered; they only brought closure — a closure so unfathomable. If someone had told me, “you would survive 2019,” I would have drugged myself (sighs). I am loved, you are loved, and a person without the need for self-love does not understand their presence in the universe.
I’m blind to see what love feels like because I have been hurt so often, vise versa. It feels like every time I try to reach for love; I fall back in my space, myself. At this moment, I’ve decided to disregard any negativity that does not serve my purpose, especially if I’m not going to talk about it the rest of my life.
The moment you let go, you tend to realize how free and magnificent life can be without the slightest doubt that everything works out for its own exemplary. The shadows you walk on are the same shadows that you will look back to —anything in life worth having is worth sacrificing.
Who are you? What’s your purpose and blueprint? It took me two years to realize there is no way in hell you can change someone, especially if they are not even willing to try. I couldn’t imagine why it took me so long to realize that. I guess I had to learn it the hard way.
Your life story depends on your choices. You are that mechanism of your own account. Everything we do, we shall indeed rip.
Think before hurting someone, because in the end, what you do holds a tendency. A quote by Coco Chanel; “the most courageous act is to think for yourself.” When you think for others, you will always end up with pre-judgment, and most often, you are wrong. Become your greatest catalyst.

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  1. It’s always refreshing and soul-lifting whenever I read your post, like you have that magnificent energy in your words to motivate and enlighten . Thank you 🙏

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