My latest book

"On The Eleventh Day"

About the book

It took her many years to find true love until Eli came around, predicting a great future. Covid 19 became the tragic news of two lovers waiting to see each other from 5,421 miles away on a plane. Time became their imaginable defeat, which became their moment of friendship. While Del struggled to balance her emotions, she found solace in another man’s arms, which only lasted a few weeks.
After a whole year of emotional breakdown, she decides to focus on herself rather than something that does not exist in real life (twin flame): spiritual love.
After the public menace, Del recovers and finds her treasure in Ghana. She finds him, knowing that Sally Joe is the universal law that makes her world complete. Everything happens on the eleventh day, but what really happened?
“What are we? Who are we? What is the purpose, and why do some people fail to recognize the true beauty inside us?” We judge without reasoning or knowing that someday, it takes a day to live or feel happy, the same day you get that one opportunity to make the most of everything you have. Love is without seasons, without questioning, and undeniably unjustifiable. That is love.

My First Book

"Grace Has Found War"

This book is Amazing Inspiring motivational Breathtaking Educative A must have

This book is Amazing Inspiring motivational Breathtaking Educative A must have

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Ruby Karyo

A prolific writer, motivational speaker, author and a mother.

About The book

Grace Has found War is a conglomeration of inspirational quotes, well-crafted poems, and life-changing short stories to inspire people from all walks of life. It is an impressive collection of insightful poetry that will touch your heart, give you hope and encourage you to live your life to the fullest and never give up. These masterfully-written short stories, quotes, and poems provide a powerful source of wisdom and inspiration and will make a great addition to any educational or motivational book collection. Each chapter illustrates precision and an in-depth understanding of life by the author. As you progress in the chapters of this book, you would surely come across thought-provoking and empowering words that will uplift and inspire you. In everything we go through in our lives, I believe there is grace behind every war we are bound to face. This book is a dedication to homeless children, my family, and loyal fans. I am honored to inspire people as I inspire myself, life has taught me a lot of things and I sincerely hope this book becomes a part of you and always aspire to never give up.

My name is Ruby and I am a professional writer and author of Grace Has Found War and many books. I have a five-star rating on Amazon. I write articles, blogs, memoirs, and novels. I am currently in school for B. A in English and Creative Writing and also have certifications from the Writers Guild of America West. I proofread, edit, and provide feedback as a ghostwriter. I am currently writing a memoir titled Forgotten. I enjoy writing, let me write your story to make it mines! A good book comes from a passionate writer. Please do not ask for book samples, I do not disclose them.