About Ruby Karyo

My name is Ruby Karyo. I was born in the beautiful country of Ghana. At the age of twenty-three, I moved to America with the possibility of becoming a philanthropist, film director, and author. Yes, it’s been said that I have some ambition! It all started in Ghana, the first time I watched Finding Forrester. That movie inspired me to become the writer I am today. I started writing in my small, cornered studio room in 2011. After the film’s end, I looked at myself in the mirror, closed my eyes, meditated, and watched my surroundings. Within that space, I saw myself as an author. Although I didn’t know what it took to be a writer, I always had that growing up, but that magical moment brought the clarity I needed. The movie reminded me of my true self, envisioning myself in others by telling stories, biographies, and different genres. It started awkwardly, slowly, and gradually; people told me to find another profession. With time and precision, on a particular day on set at Warner Brothers, I came across a book, Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts. That book became my favorite novel, and I wanted to be a writer like him or better. 

Ruby Karyo

"Behind every journey, there is a story untold".

After a long day on set, I got home, took a hot bath, and sat down to create a meditation space. With my eyes closed again and in a quiet place, I envisioned myself as one of the world’s best writers; the affirmation was right there and then. I never stopped writing from that very blessed day and do not intend to give up on what I believe. Passion is everything I got, and giving up is not an option.
My first book, “GRACE HAS FOUND WAR,” is a dedication to the homeless children, my son, myself, and the rest of the world, reminding them that anything and everything is attainable if only one would believe.
I’m pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English—focusing on Creative Writing (Warren Wilson College) —and my first self-published debut title, Grace has Found War (self-help title), has proven an excellent learning experience.
My dream is to build schools for impoverished children—and I’m never satisfied to leave a dream in bed.

When You Speak Of Me, Tell The Truth...
2023-09-14 02:48:29
The eyes watch what they see’s Until the next dimension of what it chooses to see, so when you see
A Woman
2022-03-11 16:28:08
A woman, a woman Growing from nothing ends up with something A woman who no one foresaw ends up with
Do not let your past define your present.
2022-03-09 22:45:25
Sometimes, we let our circumstances predict our judgements without fully concluding and finding its way to end the unknown desires

My Book List

Great books I can recommend 

rich dad poor dad
take control of your life by mel robbins
how to own your own mind
the mastery of love
48 laws of power by robert greene
the other wes moore
a long way gone by Ishmael beah
unfuck yourself by Gary John bishop
the law of attraction
my grandmother's hands by resmaa menakem