"On The Eleventh Day"

On The Eleventh Day

“A letter from Me to You.”

“No time is perfect, but every time is perfect”

“Ruby Karyo”

Based on True Events

Written By

Ruby Karyo

I write this book to adhere that true love existed between two souls from the same tribe and ethnic group; two souls that share a common thought; two souls whose worlds were incompatible but understandable, something that could work out.
In our lives, astrology was the myth; we were the astrologists. Love became our journey, yet our hearts never left us. My name is Ruby Karyo, and I join with the universe to tell you my life journey of love and how it all started with one word; “hey.”



                                                             Chapter 1


            In the past experiences of my relationship years, I’ve gotten shot so often: in my legs, arms, chest, heart, and soul. I took the bullet from every angle, and when I finally fell on my knee and was knocked down to the ground, I realized I still had love. No matter how much I disliked that person, I still have or had a passion for their soul. Regardless of how much love shot at me, I survived in the end, because “Love Still Wins.” I didn’t doubt the possibilities of love, but the thought that someone of my caliber existed was unfathomable. It was hard to believe so. 

           When Eli came into the picture, the prediction of that thought never came back to me until I had fallen for him. I have never seen a love so real, so pure, blossoming like me. The meditation of the soul sage drives the momentum of pure spirit into our soul’s heartbeat to love us. I feel free and enlightened, feeling blessed that you are a part of me that I would never change. I have released the fear of love, for commitment is my nature, but loving is the hardest. To surrender is the most difficult, and I want you to know that I would never change you for me. Be spontaneous, be open like the free book that you are. Breathe yourself into the beauty of joy, like the sound of the rain and the uniqueness of the forest. Be like the birds in the sky and petals of a flower. Like a bee makes honey, be free because I would never change you for me. 

           I had to hear his voice. I had called Eli ten minutes after we got off the phone. I missed him even when we were talking. I missed him even when he was present. I proclaim that you are the perfect me, and I love you forever. I could feel Eli’s slow humming, sincerely taking it in and listening attentively. He remarked, “Rubae,” “the world does not deserve you; you are too perfect.” I want everything in this world with you. If anyone told me anything about you, I would not hear a single word if it did not come from you. I want everything good that comes out of my mouth to be of you and no one else. I choose this life with you; you are my wife.”

            All this while, Eli’s innocent, calming voice had taken over and shivered my whole body like a cold bird. I made love to his voice and his music. In my head and my brains, he was there. 

           Eli, my dual, I have grown so attached to you. As the weeks, seasons, and rainfall surpass, I think of us. Your love is the most beautiful thing in the world, which makes the two of us. My desire to be with another man is unimaginable; I want you forever and ever. I choose you every single day, and I pray to God for our journey. 

           “I want us to move to Bali someday”! Eli pronounced. 

           “Bali, huh, why Bali baby?” I asked. “I guess it’s the nature.”

           “I want to be in Bali, too,” I responded. It’s beautiful and exotic. I’d always thought Bali was a beautiful Island with forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches, and coral reefs.

            “Why Bali,” I asked Eli one more time. “It’s the earth; it’s bountifully green. There is something about that place that draws me. I would love us to visit and someday consider moving there. I want to be anywhere you are. I don’t care. I want to be with us”. 

            I felt every soul conversation with Eli. I never intended to look at another man the way I gazed at Eli. You are my love, fire, and earth. You undoubtedly are a charm. I love you to the moon and back. Eli was my oxytocin; he triggered my feelings. We both did. 

           Eli and I established a bond so unbreakable for the past weeks that we already apologized for our wrongs. “I want to say I am sorry for our future mistakes, quarrels, disagreements, and the hurt. It would never be in my intention to break you; I am sorry.”