I’m Without Myself!

On a day like this, no one understands. Every day, I reflect upon life’s situations and still carry on, knowing my heart is well willing. As of now, I am clueless about where to start or how to begin. I am overwhelmed with grief and love that the world does not notice. I am hoping you can hear my voice. Who am I? Lonely without him, like a desert without water and rainforest without a lake.
Come home, I say. I want you home where your heart lives. When you feel lost like I am, we reach out to each other. Although I can’t touch you, I dream of you every night and think of you.
I am doing everything, in my will and freedom, to show you how much I appreciate your breath of air. Like a bamboo tree, I want to be your root forever.
Sequences, just as frequencies, just as a magnet. I attract to you every being of us. I am here to stay. I don’t want them to understand so that they can guess.
Come home, my king; I am lonely without you. The sleepless nights, every day talking on the phone, making love, days when I am mad at you because you are far, and days when you get frustrated because you can’t feel me.
The days when we feel super elevated even during the darkest hour of the day, the sun shines so brightly, and the moon-kissed light tells many stories untold of journeys we haven’t started.
Before yesterday and today, we met, and life completely changed. Family, friends, careers, our children, our life, and our beginnings became our blueprint.
We have never wanted something so much. It clings to our fists, and we are ready for the fight. I am a gun looking for my bullet. I am a sword looking for its arrow. You are the beast taming the lioness. Can we become the jungle?
Even the forest needs its animals, so how can I without my forest? Im without myself, him.

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