A Dedication to My Brother’s Wife (Ada Lawson)

I see her, and I see a strong,
dedicated woman with a willing spirit
A woman, indeed to listen and adhere
to her secrets of growth, nurture, and beauty
When I met her, I felt a sisterly love;
one I can only feel
One I cannot describe, but when love meets love,
there is no explanation
Hard-working as she is,
she stands even when she hurts
She cries deep inside,
and no one can feel her heartache
She is the breadwinner of all women
She supports, she is another woman’s umbrella
She is my friend, sister, and soul mate
She is the mother of my niece
She tries her best to provide,
cooks, even after twenty hours
of working the most tiring job ever
She wants to do better; she is the best
Yet her best goes unrecognized
A dedicated wife with an ambition to make you want more
Oh yes, and she smells good after a long day
Even when she is sick,
she is thinking about work.
Even when her husband is sick,
and all she can do is care
She still wants to get up on
her crippled shoulder to walk him
I see a woman, a strong woman
I see her; I see women like me
For she is fearless, beautiful with
a free spirit like the birds in the skies
Her smile, gorgeous
Who is she?
Her name is Ada Lawson.
For she rules her dynasty and
only those who can see
knows her worth, but only the spiritual
would notice the spiritualist.
For her power is my shadow,
and her life is full of stories yet untold.

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  1. omg!!! I couldn’t help the tears.This is the most beautiful gift and love I’ve ever received.Thank you baby! I see you

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