“A Warrior Knows Another”

Suddenly, as the wind blows through the night
without the announcement of its presence,
She got into her car and drove.
Not knowing her existence, her hands feel numb
She foresees her hands in a dark luminous shade.
They were like dark golden, but her body, human.
Undesirably, she crashed her head on the wheel
She couldn’t tell exactly, her eyes tired and her vision blare
Pain subdued by her inner strength, pushing herself out of the car
Disquietly, a truck passes by, and not a sound
it was a luminous deer
Wondering where she had fallen
She runs into the woods
With a sense of finding her path
Originated from the south
She headed to find her way back home
Her hands, she had thought to herself
My hands, she screamed, my hands
With roaring came a luminous lion
Facing her fears, she turned around
Only to see an oak tree, big enough it covered
the whole forest fifteen feet under them.
She roared, it roared
they both roared
With their spirits undermining their senses,
They both fell into sleep
She found her belonging, majesty, strength,
courage, justice, power, and protection
A nightmare becomes a real adventure

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