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When it all comes down

Things change, people change, and our surroundings change, but for sure, the true definition of a person’s character does not change who they are. I have grown and established myself where one person is or was born.
That enchantment has a place that draws the momentum to change or differ. It’s all up to each soul and individualism. Pain is medicine. Sometimes we don’t realize how hurtful it is to say honestly. It is okay to feel pain, like it is okay to feel love. We have to appreciate every little thing even when it doesn’t make sense. When the world tells you pain is bad, it is good.
I sit, typing on my laptop; the keys are dancing according to the rhythmic sound of the house. The fan is blowing majestically into the air. The air is making way for the peaceful. I just had a bowl of spaghetti with palm nut soup and salad: the vegan way, all veggies. I eat, but that was just starters, a tiny bit of food that would care for me as I write what’s inside and outside.
With the sunny clouds, it is humid. I had just finished training, and I desired to be the best at it without overthinking what, how, and when I started trying. I have been trying for a long time, breathing since I was born, and still taking breaths.
Love is an angle. You watch closely, you observe it cautiously, and you attack it. War is something everyone wants to keep watching, but no one wants to end it. Maybe it’s the bleeding, bloodshed, like killing a chicken, goat, etc., to eat. Perhaps war is like eating meat without it fully cooked because anything fully cooked takes time, but war does not take time. You strike when the time is right. It’s like hunting for food. You prepare, and you go after it. Killing people does not take time, but the feeling of winning does.
In the spirit of hunger, you don’t take time to cook. You want to eat even when it does not taste right or feel good.
I am thirsty for a win, a success. I haven’t planned my life but have been preparing all my life for that moment to start a war or kill my hunger.

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