” Her name was Esther” Part 1

Her name was Esther, the first girl who liked her, who said she loved her. In her cognizance, she thought, Oh, of course, she does. Nia didn’t understand what Esther meant by then. They met at the nail shop, and she thought Nia was gorgeous.
“Hi, I’m Esther; your nails look pretty.”
“Thank you, yours too.”
Nia gazed at her, and she stared back, smiling. Soon after she got done with her nails, Esther asked if she could call her, so she gave her number. Nia was twenty-two when they met. Esther could not believe Nia was driving a Toyota Corolla at such a young age, especially knowing how difficult it is in their surroundings where they grew up.
As time progressed, Esther reveals her sentiments to Nia. “You were too busy to notice I liked you. Too busy with your damn boyfriend, I didn’t have the chance to see you before you flew to America.”
Nia was quiet for a while, ” wait, what? What do you mean? Why didn’t you tell me?”
” I didn’t think you were into girls; if not, you would have noticed.”
“Yes, you are right, but I can fly back home and come see you. Is that okay?”
“You would fly to come to see me?”
“Wait, are you not worth it?” She smiles, and when the time came, they met at the airport, but Nia’s period started right when she arrived at Addis Ababa airport like faith didn’t want her to pursue such things.
When they got to the hotel, Nia kissed Esther; they touched and caressed. For Nia, it was exploring; for Esther, it was getting serious. During her last week in Ethiopia, Nia left, flying back to Texas. Esther never got closure, but they still communicated.
Nia didn’t like it; she felt awkward; that wasn’t her. It was someone else.
After a few years, Nia missed being with a girl. The thought of it, she missed Esther. So Nia bought a vagina dildo to fill that void. She realized it still wasn’t her, so she threw it away.
As time went by, Nia realized that men could not be with her. Her power too strong for dominance, too imaginable for an ordinary man to comprehend. So she decided that maybe Esther was the one, but Esther had other plans. She found a man, and Nia found herself single.
She becomes the vitality of her true self that she might be the poise of her likeness that her similarity would find her trueness.
Her dedication is to be with a man but does not honestly care if love was a woman or man. For her, language was her war, and her thoughts were peace to sanctify her closeness.

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