On the eleventh day

I’m Starting to Think

I’m starting to think.
Deeply into myself
If he is me, or I am me.
I am starting to think.
Is it necessary?
Is it love?
Is love blind?
I am starting to think.
His questions, his mindset,
We are two different people.
I’m starting to think, feel,
Understanding from his perspective.
What love, what stronghold
Should I pull back,
withdraw, or set forth the path
It’s not a doubt
But I’m starting to think.
Powerfully it’s emerging.
Sinking, stinking, biting
Deep down,
Feeling soul empty
Yet a deep ache for the earth.
Judgments clouded my thoughts.
Of good not of someone else’s
The difference is the soul.
I’m starting to think.
The world is not ready.
Or is it?
I’m starting to think.
Feel, articulate, breath, meditate
And feel the vibration of freedom.
Not just for me
But everyone else
The death, the living, the reincarnation.
What does a lioness do?
But protect her own
‘Cos there is no fear’.
Just limelight!
I want a soul to connect.
I want to be more in tune with myself.
I am that I am
A powerful creature

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  1. Wow…this gets me thinking about love. Your words always get me thinking deep about issues. Thank you

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