“Letter to My Unborn Son”

Everything seemed so dim in the beginning.
And Son, I knew you before the sun could even see sunlight.
First, I thought it was a mere dream, a world so undeniably unreal.
I will tell a story that I will be damned.
I am weary, like a paper on the ocean.
An unimagined true story you are.
Remember the candle lights, when the storms were rough and tough, yet we survived.
It is but the most daring work I am yet to face.
I am because you are.
Scared and fiery moments I think often
The kicking, the pictures of you I can hold until you’re here
Six months, the sonograms, sleepless nights, back pains.
Every day is a dream come true; a smile worth appealing.
Grace has found me in a desolate place.
The life you give holds momentum within my sacredness.
I am stronger, fierce, and blameless for my past predicaments.
Every lesson learned every dream I have achieved
I am because you are.
The world has changed from the day I conceived of you,
And so, it shall continue.
I believe in you, something you should already have.
Days and nights will come by fast, and before you know, a man is known to the world.
You are a mixture of sand and paper.
Making a difference is more worthwhile than nothing at all.
A reflective side of me, I see when the sun rises.
So, my son, dream while you can and work when you can
But never relent on your understanding.
Like a cobweb trapped on its own, there you are nine
months until your first breath of fresh air.
I am because you are.

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