“Love can’t contain Her”

She wanted to cry, but she couldn’t. The tears couldn’t hold the betrayal, the feeling when she thought “John Doe” truly cared but didn’t. The times when he made her look the victim, blamed her for his mistakes. During those times when laughter was everything, and verbal lovemaking could make her eyes heavy enough to be ready for bed. In her secluded place, although the pain had vanished, it is with disappointment she carries on.
“John Doe” didn’t care about her family (father and son). It was all about him, what he was going through, forgetting to remember her. Sometimes she wondered, if “John Doe” even appreciated the little things she did for him.
He would make up worrisome stories to make her feel bad, then she helps, thinking all the while it was true love because his actions showed. “John Doe” was consistent; calling, loving, smiling, and oh yes, beautiful dark skin, bright teeth, big round eyes, and everything else she ever wanted. So she decided to focus on him. Without a doubt, she had good intentions for “John Doe.”
She became his inspiration, motivator, and girlfriend. They had never met each other, but their Love was beyond her fears of trying; she just wanted to do good by his side. They disagreed to make up, sometimes went days without talking to each other, but they still loved.
Two months went by, same stories to get her to help him, and she did; again, with the guilt that, “John Doe” needed it. As Casey always says, “there is no greater deed than a good deed.”
Every time she heard his stories, she felt guilty enough to help. Casey wanted to be financially fit to help “John Doe,” but she couldn’t go beyond. Distance couldn’t separate them, she had thought. But with time, she knew he just wanted to benefit from her.
After one beautiful night, after they’ve had their “midnight calls,” Casey expressed her concerns about her father and how she prays to God to answer her prayers. She wanted her hard work to yield some results, to make things happen for her dad with prostate cancer. Being a single mother, going to school, paying bills, and trying her best to be recognized ( to make things easy for all).
After that sudden conversation, “John Doe” dared to come up with a different story to ask her again for help (financially) right after she had voiced her concerns.
To Casey, she was no more than a friend in need. She felt sorry for trying to make things work for two partners who had something beautiful. But in the end, she looked back and realized, even the little she gave to “John Doe,” he always asked for more.
She finally retrieved to moving on because Love cannot contain her; Love doesn’t value her kindness, and Love would always hurt. For Casey, ” Love is a game; you either win or lose. She chose to lose because her Love was worth more than extortion. Her advice, ” a man who asks for money, or can’t work for money and always borrowing from friends, is the kind of man you do not want/ need (Vise Versa). She cried but not enough to break her.

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  1. This is the story of my life. Is sad how people take advantage of others kindness especially when they show them love. Thanks for this article. We will move on cos love can not contain me.

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