On The Eleventh Day (Paperback)

On The Eleventh Day (Paperback)

It took her many years to find true love until Eli came around, predicting a great future. Covid 19 became the tragic news of two lovers waiting to see each other from 5,421 miles away on a plane. Time became their imaginable defeat, which became their moment of friendship. While Ruby struggled to balance her emotions, she found solace in another man’s arms, which only lasted a couple of weeks.
After a whole year of emotional breakdown, she decides to focus on herself other than something that does not exist in real life (twin flame), the spiritual love.
After the public menace, Ruby recovers, finding her treasure in Ghana. She found him, knowing that Sally Joe was the universal law that made her world complete. Everything happened on the eleventh day, but what really happened?
“What are we? Who are we? What is the purpose, and why do some people fail to recognize the true beauty inside us?” We judge without reasoning or knowing that someday, somehow, it takes a day to live, or a day to feel happy, the same day that you get that one opportunity to make the most of everything you have. Love is without seasons, without questioning, and undeniably unjustifiable. That is love.


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Rated 5.0 out of 5

It’s like delicious food

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Chidi Ezeobi


Rated 5.0 out of 5

Ruby is an incredibly gifted writer. She wears her vulnerability as armor, and bravely faces her fears with love. Something we could all learn from.

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Adam Serio

Ruby simply pulls out ever crack and crevice of my soul, then she assists me by putting it all together.

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Grateful. Ruby, I can’t thank you enough! Not just me, but, when my mom reads your work you have done for me, I can say NEVER have I ever seen my mom read so much at once. Yes, my mom reads the Bible, but, you opened her up in such a way that I will say you/your work is God sent.

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