“As If We Cared”

What if we could look past our mistakes and make an effort to grow from them?
What if we could live our lives as we would never see another day?
What if we could pray instead of feeling devastated?
What if we could start eating healthy now instead of tomorrow, especially if tomorrow does not exist?
What if we could admit to our wrongs instead of blaming others for our choices and mistakes?
What if we could forgive ourselves and move on?
What if we could admit that life is not perfect?
What if we could be real and keep our word?
What if we could believe in ourselves instead of seeking approval from social media and the third person’s point of view?
What if we could thrive and never give up?
What if we could use our past experiences to make ourselves stronger and then thank those experiences for the results?
What if we could be happy and smile through the bad and good times?
What if we could protect our nature like the way God protects us?
From my experiences, I hate using “if” because of its negativity. But in other words, “if “can be used for a positive attribute. Take a look at how beautiful life is, especially with all the evil that’s happening globally. A little good deed can go a long way. Let’s not forget how precious life could be taken for granted. We live every day and seek revenge because of what people have done to us instead of moving on and realizing our true potential.
The pain will come, and the suffering will go, but victory always supersedes endurances. We have to admit that not everything in life is worth having, and not everything worth having is essential in our lives. Like every day, you will never see tomorrow. Do good, be beautiful, and even to those who harm you, for there is nothing as great being the person you. Let’s be the serenity we seek in ourselves and others. Forgiveness goes a long way, and letting go, can surely make your dreams come true.

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  1. Your writing skills are undeniably superb. Your literature is breathtaking and forces one to reflect upon their own lives. When we read your piece one can not help but be inspired by your words. Keep it up for you are destined for greatness.

  2. Very touching. We all need to make a great impact in our lives and others. Forgive and be the serenity you wish to see. Great job Ruby.

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