“Aspire to make a change, a difference”

As I write to inspire you daily, I intend to motivate and transform you in every way that has also given me the ability and potential to get to where I need to be in life. As Oprah quotes; “you do not become what you want but what you believe.”
Growing up, I realized that everything I have achieved was my inner confidence, self-belief, and where I come from, Ghana. In everything I have accomplished and attained, I never failed to speak it into existence and have myself work towards that goal.
Success is not a smooth ride; it comes with potholes, bumps, bottomless pits, etc. We may sometimes fall into any of them, but how we rise from it determines how motivated and robust we are.
I have always wanted to inspire people but was anxious I might not be accepted. However, I am no longer afraid of failure and non-acceptance.
In the year 2009,  I posted my first charity video on the internet, and to this date, I do not know where the video is ( lost footage).
I was on a mission in Ghana together with my brother, Tyrell. We travelled to a village in Takoradi to donate clothing, shoes and put together a little party for the homeless and abandoned children who never for once in their life experienced the love and affection of a mother or father. These children never wore beautiful clothes or even experienced a moment of pure happiness in their lives. It saddened my heart, knowing where I come from and what I went through as a young girl growing up; I was inspired to make a change.
I was born motivated to change the things that I can change and undo the things I can let go. It took me a long time to understand why and how innocent children must go through these formidable hurdles in life because of the absence of their parent’s ignorance and past mistakes.
I am here for a change, and that change must continue to make a way; I am not going anywhere until the mission has accomplished its journey. And for the notice, I love sipping my tea every morning, and I admire nature because it gives me a reason to believe. When I see the beautiful trees and the rain, it reminds me of myself. So, bear with me if this shows you more of my personality.
As a product of experiencing poverty and being around rich people, I found it mesmerizing why my father choose to be poor among his wealthy friends. We were so poor that I went two days without food with the thoughts of wanting to commit suicide.
Growing up was tough, even more, challenging than people perceived me to be. I saw children starve throughout my teenage years and would never wish that on my worst enemy.
Tragedy soon befalls my most incredible childhood memories growing up in Africa. As a result, I was motivated to make a change. When I came to the United States of America( Los Angeles), I was naïve to judge the West was somehow devoid of sorrow.
Sporadically as time progressed with life experiences; disappointments, heartbreaks, homelessness, shame and pain, I became the weakest and the strongest person alive to make everything right. It took several counselling resources to clear my head when everything shuttered like a glimpse of a broken mirror. Although I could feel the pain, I couldn’t bleed. I could feel the temperament and brokenness in my bones until I couldn’t handle the pain any more.
I decided to write this story, to let people, especially women, awake to the truth of abuse, neglect and find their authentic voice. In the end, the reality of truth sets us free when our voices can reach more the melancholy of our feelings, and we can feel the happiness peace of within ourselves. “No one can take your place, own it”. 

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  1. After reading this, I even like you more and respect you more! Thank you for changing the world even in the smallest of ways, they are a great thing, but what really motivates me Is the fact that no matter how difficult and hard everything was, you never bowed. You’re an amazing writer and motivational, I mean keep inspiring and spreading the energy.

  2. This breathing story took me in a deep place. I have encountered abuse in my life growing up, so I can resonate with the writers sense of emotion. Thank you.

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