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Rubystalkshow is generally about uplifting people, motivating and encouraging people to create a better place for themselves.
As Ruby Karyo quotes: “To share a vision, you have to be visionary.” Hi everyone, I am excited you are having a fantastic beautiful day. Welcome to my new blog with warm gratitude.
Rubystalkshow is generally about uplifting, motivating and encouraging people for a better tomorrow. No matter your circumstances, we are here to see you through.
Life is full of ups and downs and, we can’t run, but find solutions to the sources that create them. Imagine life as a Christmas tree, surviving every storm, weather and season. If you can picture that, you will realize; you are the soil, the roots, and earth. With such a powerful mindset, you can achieve and become everything you ever wanted to be.
You can always subscribe to our blog, send us messages, or email and we will talk about it. I am also interested in interviewing people about their past, present, and plans, their advice for the youth, and what we can do to help. I come from Ghana and currently pursuing my dreams and living the realities of life.

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