“Dream to Believe”

I am not saying you can’t be rich, poor man. I am not saying you have a lot of opportunities like the rich man does. I am not saying living poor is the worst thing, but it’s not the best way to live. In my own experience, poverty is suicidal, it’s homelessness, it’s a manipulation that makes you believe you cannot do or achieve better than what you already have. I was once engaged by those surroundings of people who wanted nothing to do with wealth. They think wealthy people like Jay Z, Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey are all into cultism, and I could not stand the ignorance and self-taught stupidity.
I was a churchgoer and often, I would wonder why I was there, not because I doubted God. I’ve always believed there was a supreme being above all humans. We, humans, are gods in our kind, but of course, we are not God, we cannot even grow nature, or the universe or make a human being. I am not condemning anyone of who they think they are, but also a fool must learn to appreciate tradition.
I am from Ghana, and I honestly did not grow up in a wealthy family but a poor one. I’m not particularly eager to use the word “poor” because it never looked good on me or anyone, but it was the reality of things I had to overcome. We did not have enough, but we had food, clothing, and shelter, and that’s what mattered the most even through the worst condidtions.
But life is not all about that; it’s all about happiness, education, money, lifestyle, and being satisfied with yourself and who you are becoming. “A change in thought is better than not changing at all.” Change is minuscule, and not everyone is capable of change, but we can at least try to do the things that make us better.
To the homeless children, to the abandoned children, you may not have everything, but confidence out builds anything. Change is doable; it is in you, you got to have it, because that is the only way you can be higher than what you are. Speak life, not negativity, speak into what you believe, do not surround yourself with people who think they are better than you; they will only bring you down. Arise, homeless children, those who feel lost without parental guidance, parental love, and without education. You can be anything and everything you want to become.
Knowledge is self-taught; being brilliant is not acquired; it’s achieved. I know the story of a man “Brian Tracy” who dropped out of high school. He did not have the best education. Instead, he had a day-to-day job just like everyone else, but he said one thing that challenged me “do not make excuses for your actions.” It was something I had to learn and accept because I cannot blame everyone for my own adversities. His book “The Power of Self Discipline” acceptably changed me. I’ve learned more about what I want to achieve than what others expect of me. I say this because giving up sounds easy, but it is the hardest thing you can ever endure. Therefore, giving up is not an option and shouldn’t be a choice. Believing in yourself is the only way you can achieve greatness. In my personal experience, I have known people who believed in me that I did not know, even more than the people closest to me because they are their failures. I am not worried about it because all I ever knew was to be successful, and success is not a day thing, but the progress that requires hard work and self-determination. When you dream, dream as big as the ocean because it’s never enough to dream.
I am not mistaken love for poetry, nor do I think love is the absolute treasured material you can have in this world. I want to believe so because it is. In my honest opinion, love is the hardest thing to conquer because of disloyalty, disrespect, dishonesty, and selfishness. You might meet someone who is not a cheat or who is the one type of woman “shit.” And they can be the most defensive and manipulative people you’d ever meet. Sometimes, it comes in two shades. You are happy with the person you believe you want to spend the rest of your life with, but the things that make you happy is the exact thing that does not please them. Relationships are sacrifices, and you got to love what both of you like that makes both of you happy. If the other party does not see it the way you do, the other misjudges their intentions.
I have come to a realization that being happy comes with you and your partner. Now, little things do destroy relationships; lying, denying, use of language, and ignoring your partner’s opinions. Cheating is not the only reason why relationships come to an end. There are always sacrifices to every relationship but do not compromise your happiness for a relationship. Do not settle for less and do not feel responsible for a relationship. Feeling responsible can lead to a planned failure, and you should always look out for each other, and never feel liable. Now, your partner’s happiness does not depend on your pleasure, but it can affect your surroundings.
A lesson I have personally chosen to adhere to; “where in the world does it say love is supposed to be given?” Love is supposed to be shared because loving one another is the subject we fail to realize. Once LOVE is accomplished, we can genuinely love each other without fear of giving and taking. You are loved, and you do not need validation.
In conclusion, I want to thank God, my friends, my family, and my loved ones. You guys have been patient enough to see that this book come true. I must say I am nothing without you guys. I want to thank my mother, whom I have not seen in almost five years, and the rest of my family for their support when I persisted through the good and bad times. I am so blessed to have a family I can call on when I am in distress, friends I can call family, and my fans I can call loyal. This book is a dedication to all of you. May love, peace, and tranquility find you in a home called happiness where pain knows no anger, but just a passing through.


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