“It’s the Love For Her”

Feeling crazy
Feeling touched
Like the breeze of the cold, I feel his warmth
yet freezing.
His hands feel dead, like the shadows of the dark.
His legs between her legs
His caresses she feels numb
His kisses alive yet galvanizing
stricken by a sudden glimpse of lightning
Awaken by thunder; she froze in between his glare
All but a dream
Awaiting to see him from worlds apart
Like nature, his fears become her weakness
Enlightened by a drive to clear her head
phone ringing, uncertain to answer
Rain pouring, the clouds dark barely blue
Foggy, music, enchanting insights
becoming the glimpse of her love
Her existence, power, truth
Watching the stars, she is reminded of him
waiting for the day the universe join hands
of two lovers separating time.
Unconscious of her thoughts
A soothing salt bath relaxes her nerves.
With a favourite hibiscus tea, she retrieves finding
her hands dancing on the keyboard listening to
their favourite song.

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