There have been nights I have been lazy. Seconds, minutes, hours, and times, I didn’t want to do anything because I was either lazy or remembering the nights I spent with my twin flame, praying to the Universe for the days to come where I could lay my head on his chest. When I could close my eyes and still see him sleeping by my side.
Perhaps nature knows we miss each other so much; our minds can’t function properly. I want that day like no other, then maybe all my lazy days would end, and my ambition would be the next drive. But sometimes, when I think about it, it all makes sense. The nights I went to sleep crying because I had missed him so much, tears were no more tears. They became a victim of self-loneliness.
I bug myself like a ladybug, trying to keep myself busy or staying lazy for a pleasant time. Maybe call my fiance and watch porn together or talk dirty until my vagina can’t take any more of his voice. That day when the soul meets the spirit and the universe smile because they feel the moment of belonging.
A day where yesterday was indeed a path set forth for today and whereas tomorrow never comes. A time of a lifetime to finally see him again has become a quench of some good alkaline water and fresh parsley, giving me the taste of an everlasting kiss that would out shadow the darkness where we belong.
Our kisses intertwined with emotions unquestionable that perhaps maybe somewhere distant in the 1900’s we both struggled to make it, and here we are again in the next life, breathing in and taking in the thirst of yesterday.
I close my eyes to feel him. Although he is far, further than miles can reach, distance is never our boundaries but our remarkable destinations.
I meditate on breathing a beautiful day because his name was lovely, such as his soul and brains—an exciting adventure to defeat incomprehensible situations.
Now to reach my ultimate climax, I project unto him my vulnerability of love and care coz’ that’s our nature.

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