“The Beauty of Africa”

In my heart, I had this desire to make a change, possibly not to rule the world but to invent the creativity to impact the world through writing. It hadn’t occurred to me at that moment that having a smile was worth all the craziness the world invented in me.
So, I gave it a thought, an imagination to sink deep down my routes, my ancestry, my home, my soul, and my breath to live again. I chose Africa all over again without a doubt.
On May 11th, I flew from North Carolina to Ghana ( The Gold Coast), where I grew up, born, and bred. It became a sullen decisiveness that became a strong desire, untamed me to somehow show up for a specific cause.
I wanted to have fun, meet my friends from eight to twelve years ago that I have not seen in a while. Feeling enthusiastic, my first sit on the plane put a big smile on my face. Within, all I needed was home.
When I arrived, the air’s vivacity brought back memories of when I was a young teen, now an adult, and what I had missed growing up on the other side of the world other than my continent Ghana.
The airports were new; everything seemed quite different but not wholly. For eight years of not being home, I felt a freedom that has not been assured until my foot touched the grounds that birthed me together with my two-year-old son, Rain. It was his first time visiting Ghana. The culture shock on his face was unpredictable. It took him a while to get along, but once he did, no one could tell him anything. He got adjusted sooner than I did.
Being vegan for seven years made me realize how different Ghanaian food was; everything was full of meat. Sooner or later, I had started eating fish as a substitute for my vegan products ( protein).
Time flew by quickly like a vast wind in the sky, yet too noticeable to realize the things I had to do.
Like the saying, everything happens for a reason. It hadn’t crossed my mind that being in Ghana would be my utmost motivation to do the best I ever aspire to be. I went seven weeks without blogging, writing, or reading, which left me in a hole feeling the need to come back sooner than how much time I spent in Ghana. Then I thought, it’s okay to spend some time with family, have fun, enjoy each moment and forget about work for a little bit.
It became a trend, the fact of reaching the skies. When you realize where you have been, the sacrifices, the grief, and the pain that involved all the happiness one can find inside other than the ordinary can become your stronghold.
Remembering the streets where I grew up, going back to the house, I had struggled and seen the same people at the same place; I knew how far I had gotten in life. The hunger, the ache, seemed a little better than when I was growing up.
My son, learning about the Ghanaian culture, the first time he ever saw chickens roaming on the streets of Accra, goats, cows, and the chasing of the animals, how excited he was to see a different environment.
A week after our arrival, the humidity of the sun hit me; the sweating and the dust on the streets would make you feel stressed before getting to your destination. One thing you can’t object to is the beauty of Africa. The city, the people, nature; oh my, what nature. The fun is heavier than the stress in the city. The street food (corn, coconut water, yogurt, fruits, the market) makes you feel at home, at peace, and true inner beauty. “The life of an African is not based on the living conditions but pure happiness even while finding your purpose.”
To remind me, I realized Africa is the true beauty of the world. Something one needs to feel and see for themselves. For such power, you become effortless to feel the need to inspire and make a difference.

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