“What is Love?” often, the biggest trigger.

Love comes from different places, cultures, backgrounds, and religions. True love is unconditional, not the kind of love that fills a void or the love you pray for in a partner or the type of love you think you deserve. Love is the universe; love is when you show you care and protect what you have, looking out for the best in others. When you give that kind of love to the universe, automatically you become that love, that beautiful creature, and that’s God.
We always seek a relationship faithfully and honestly with all of our heart, thinking in the end, it completes this anonymous feeling of loneliness; it cannot always be that way, and of course not.
What is love is a big question that triggers our daily lives, everyday mood, and lifestyle!
There has to be good to subdue evil, and for us to appreciate love, we have to be disliked or despised. Not everyone loves you, and you as a person cannot love everybody or agree with everyone else. You might not hate someone, but disliking someone is as much as not wanting them around because of how they act, think, or perceive things. I am not saying that someone cannot love the whole world; it is not impossible, but disliking or despising a country or a particular group of people is the same as not loving. We appreciate love more often when we disregard what people think of us.
Some people grew up without the affection of love, which can be very difficult to comprehend and feel. Some grew up in drug abusive homes; emotionally tormented during childhood and adulthood.
Love is the hardest thing to share in this world but very easy to hate. We easily give up, not just on love but the ideological aspect of it. I have realized that most often, at times, we mistake love for poetry which becomes delusional.
Never give up your dreams and aspirations for a love that’s not worth fighting for and not even when it’s worth it. It is the kind of love that creates division and separates God’s purpose, making us feel less than what we truly deserve. So I ask myself, “why is it so hard for people to give love?”
You can’t give love; how do you think someone will take it or leave it? Share your love.
Never force yourself to love someone. Some people never believed in the actual existence of love and even the possibility of letting someone go. They are too afraid even to think they do deserve love.
“Why is it so hard to love when love is free?” Love is not free; it is earned, so is hate.
“Why does love hurt?” It is natural to hurt the people you love but not taken as a tool to do so intentionally.
“Why do people turn away from good to become evil?”
Good and evil is a choice, just like everything else is a choice.
Love is an undefined way of expressing your feelings towards someone, selfless, unquestionable, no regrets. Love is not supposed to break you; it heals. Love is eternity and rewarding.
Life is full of choices, the ones we decide to make, what our parents made or still making for us. In the end, it’s up to us to determine what path we ought to take. We cannot blame what has happened to us years ago; we can only blame who we are today, what we are working on, and what will become of us. The sins of our hearts can destroy who we are as people. Some of us have lived a wild, rough life, and we cannot keep blaming the past we couldn’t control. As of today, every choice, every decision, every move will reflect in our lives, and that’s a fact.
Racism is something we can’t control, but love is controllable. I used to think life was full of ruminations. Life is essential; it’s a dream, a reality, a game, and a face-to-face adventure. Sometimes you stumble and fall, but you have to rise three times stronger to get to where you need to be in life. Giving up on life is like giving on faith, loss of love for oneself. Life is a challenge but full of challenges; you can only be a champion when you never tend to lose focus. Today I want to ask you one thing, “what are your fears?”
“What are you afraid of— your only fear is yourself, it’s not in the world, and it’s not of anyone but yours. Choose to live, and not survive. Surviving can be dangerous, but living is forever.

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