” Would you date outside your race?”

People always asked me, “what are your thoughts about dating outside your race?” The answer always seemed straight and easy to answer. At the end of the discussion, it’s not about race but my choices and preferences.
Color is a projection unto the world; they use that word to hypnotize their sense of ignorance and so-called maturity.
“What has love got to do with the texture of hair, skin, and language?” But, we live in a world full of it— a nation of propaganda, prejudice, and color barrier. The system tells us; be brave, be free, be systematic ( a bigotry word used by politicians). We must follow a scheme formulated by a particular misconception that leads to the failure of one’s mindset and opinions.
“Would I date outside my race?” Whenever that question gets thrown at me, it triggers me to ask myself the person asking that question? Now the interviewer becomes the suspect and not the victim. In a sense, it’s like asking an Indian if they would date outside their race! It’s not an answer but a rhetorical question suited for the audience’s mindset and not personal satisfaction or achievement.
My answer, no, I wouldn’t date outside my race. I would date humans. In my preference, I am not color blinded, but that does not mean I don’t love it all black, mocha, chocolate with no natural flavors (organic to the roots). Just as someone prefers vanilla, I like the mocha too.
Before I came to America, all I knew were people. I knew there were different people from different cultures but never had it crossed my mind that dating someone who has the same features except for their skin has to do with race.
I knew about slavery, I know my history, but that did not sink in until America flashed my eyes. The pain and anguish of suffering one have to endure to secure a safe place, peace, and sanctuary became a death poll due to propaganda and racial bias.
Now excuse me, but trust is a word, a human, and an object. What you decide to do with that word becomes your power. You can trust someone, but they could later become an object they can use against you. Just because you have mixed kids, ” a black wife or white husband,” does not change your trust, identity, and inner thoughts.
People often generalize their self-importance because of the outward physical appearance instead of their thoughts. They perceive that when society sees the physical, it judges the spiritual world, but one cannot lie to themselves for so long.
So, the next time someone asks you, “would you date outside your race”. The answer is no; I would date humans. In the end, it is the smile and happiness of beautiful couples that make a change and an impact in the world, not color, not race but beauty.

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